I was wanting to make a more personal blog but I can’t find a good username and I know it’s gonna be confusing for me to switch between two accounts.

So I’ll keep everything on this blog and “clean” up the posts once again, delete everything that I don’t wanna see anymore. A new start :D

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gif battle | vs. forgottenremembrall
round one • two colours

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Seriously though I didn’t post anything on my blog for almost a month ?!

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What in the blue fuck are we all going to do without Almost Human tomorrow night? No more robo-bromance, no more Rudy being socially awkward, no more jokes about Paul’s height, or lack thereof, no more Valerie acting like she’s made of wood, no more sassy Maldonado, no more MXs meeting gruesome deaths at the hands of Kennex, no more grumpy cat Kennex, no more sunshine and puppies from Dorian.

This is a real problem…I need a hug!

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For mine is the choice of Lúthien, and as she so have I chosen, both the sweet and the bitter.

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